Ivory roses cake


This was another cake from the Wilton’s fondant and gum paste classes-the third set of classes. It was also part of a failed experiment making chocolate fondant. I couldn’t get the cracks out, no matter how hard I worked or how many four letter words I used. One of these days I’ll get brave and try again but not yet! I’m still traumatized.


I started by making the roses 4 days in advanced. That gave me lots of time for them to dry and harden. I like working with fondant and adding gum tex to it rather than working with gum paste. I think plain gum paste is just too sticky. I colored the fondant, then added a light dusting of gum tex. I worked all that in until everything was smooth and then added another light dusting of gum tex. I worked it all in until it was smooth and soft. I wrapped it up with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight. It seems easier to work with after a day.


Rather than going through all the things I did, Wilton has a great tutorial on their site so I’ll just put my two cents in after you go check it out. Wilton full bloom roses

Once I had my rosebuds formed on the toothpicks, I stuck the toothpicks into a at piece of styrofoam so they’d have room to dry.

When I had added all the petals and the roses were ready to sit and dry, I stuck the toothpick through a small cupcake wrapper to help hold the petals up.Then they went back on the styrofoam to dry. Some of the roses only have two layers of petals while others have three. They were more rosebuds than full-grown roses. I didn’t make a calyx because no one would see the bottom of the roses.

The leaves were made with fondant that had been colored and had gum tex added. I rolled it out and cut it with the cutter in the rose set from Wilton. I used the pointy end of the ball tool to add the veins, folded them in a bit and set them in the flower forms to dry.


So now it was time for the actual cake baking and stacking. I baked the cakes the day before to give the layers time to cool completely. The smaller layers were put on a cardboard cake round to be iced. The large layers were iced directly on the silver cake board. I used strips of parchment under the edges of the cake to keep the silver board clean. Once the icing was smooth and set, I took the strips out then covered that tier with fondant. The smaller tier got iced and covered with fondant.

I don’t use dowels to stack layers; the idea of putting wooden items into a cake gives me the creeps. I use drinking straws instead, cut down to the height of the covered layer. I added a bit of icing between the tiers to act like glue then stacked them. I used buttercream icing to make the ruffled border and stuck the roses and leaves around. Then off to class I went!